Tuesday, November 01, 2011

World Fantasy Convention 2011 

I just returned from attending the World Fantasy Convention in San Diego. The theme this year was "Sailing the Seas of Imagination," and I did a panel on "Here There Be Krakens: Monsters of the Deep." We told stories of sea monsters, attacks from mysterious creatures, Jaws, Lovecraft, and Weird Tales.

Samantha Henderson and Alice Henderson

Afterward, I signed copies of my story "Mandible" in the anthology Werewolves and Shapeshifters.

On Friday we gathered for dinner before the mass signing while nearly operatic karaoke filtered in from the bar side of the restaurant. I was in good company with Nathan Long, Bob Vardeman, Tim Roden, Lawrence C. Connolly, Jason Nahrung and Kirstyn McDermott.

Nathan Long, Robert Vardeman, Kirstyn McDermott

Saturday was my agent's annual black tie dinner, which was held at El Prado in Balboa Park. Our private dining room was wonderfully historical and atmospheric. For you ghost hunters out there, I must tell you there were the glowing orbs in most of the photos I took in that room!

After the dinner, fellow writer David Williams and I met up with Walter Jon Williams. The three of us were among the attendees of the amazing NASA-funded Launchpad Writer Workshop I attended last year.

Walter Jon Williams, Alice Henderson, David J. Williams

As always, I had a great time at this convention, and it's always rewarding and recharging to spend time with other writers.


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